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Originally Published:Tuesday, July 16, 2013,0,3768942.story

Sands casino raking in tables money
The Bethlehem casino's record take at the tables in June helped prevent the state from having its first decline in casino revenues

By Matt Assad
Allentown Morning Call

Shawn McCloud, vice president of analysis for New Jersey-based Spectrum Gaming Group, has a theory about that. With its location, Sands can handle a largely untapped convenience gambling market in New York and northern New Jersey. But it wasn't until last year, when it expanded to 183 tables, more than doubling its original total, that it could fully handle the pent-up demand for gambling that didn't require a long drive down a toll road to South Jersey.

"You have 12 casinos in Atlantic City competing with each other and you have this one in Bethlehem that's able to tap into part of their market," McCloud said. "It's been very lucrative for them."

"It's hard to tell when things might level off," McCloud said. "But as long as New York doesn't have table games, and as long as Sands is the next closest option, it's going to do very, very well."

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