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Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Originally Published:Sunday, August 21, 2011

At casinos, people looking to make or take a buck
More than half of offenses at Pennsylvania casinos involve theft or larceny, according to police reports

By Mark Belko
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Michael Pollock, managing director of Spectrum Gaming Group, an industry consultant, said the types of crimes occurring in Pennsylvania casinos are not unique. He said thefts are common in casinos nationwide, given the amount of money that changes hands daily.

"When that much cash or cash equivalents are available in one place, it's going to attract thieves and criminals who are going to look for soft targets and prey upon them," he said.

The same goes for counterfeiting. "The speed with which currency moves through a casino is extraordinary. They look for soft targets. Cash is the commodity casinos trade in," he said.

And since Pennsylvania casinos are still relatively new, bad guys may be trying to test security, he added.

"That may be a factor, but I don't think there's anything unique about Pennsylvania. Any market that's relatively new, you would expect that they would be tested," he said.

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