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Press of Atlantic City

Originally Published:Sunday, October 13, 2013

Internet gambling seen as technology-job creator for New Jersey

Press of Atlantic City

Spectrum Gaming Group, a casino consulting firm based in Linwood, estimates Internet wagering will immediately generate about $400 million in annual revenue for the Atlantic City casinos. Estimating the number of new jobs created by Internet gambling has been more difficult. Robert Heller, president and CEO of Spectrum Gaming Capital, a Spectrum Gaming Group company, said much will depend on how closely the casinos collaborate with their Web partners to generate jobs and draw visitors to Atlantic City. Heller warned that if the websites don't complement the brick-and-mortar operations at the casinos, the economic benefits of Internet gambling for Atlantic City won't be nearly as great. He noted that would include the new jobs created to support the websites. "Those jobs may be anywhere. They may be in New Jersey, or they may be in another country," Heller said. "IT positions will be one source of jobs. You can also spend a tremendous amount of money for customer acquisition, so it could be a lot of new marketing people. But where will the jobs be created?"
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