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Originally Published:Sunday, December 7, 2008

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By Tamara Audi
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ROBO-DEALERS: Improving technology and continuing efforts by casinos to cut labor costs mean gamblers could see more "virtual" table games with computerized dealers, says Mr. Perkins, a consultant with the independent research and consulting firm. Players sit around a standard poker table fitted with private screens and a large screen in the center that "deals" cards and manages play. Wins and losses are tracked electronically. No chips, no tips.

DOG POKER: The battle to attract gamblers is heating up, as racinos dog and horse tracks with slot machines have begun installing electronic table games like blackjack with virtual dealers. Expect them to go to live-dealer table games in the future.

BET ON THE INTERNET: Effectively banned by federal law from setting up gambling Web sites, the U.S. casino industry has largely made the effort to legalize online gambling a back-burner issue. That's likely to change. Industry heavyweights like MGM Mirage and Harrah's Entertainment will be spurred by plummeting revenues to make Internet gambling a priority. Online gambling is "a natural, low-cost extension" of the casino business, says Mr. Perkins.

-Tamara Audi


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