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Originally Published:Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Atlantic City hotels slash weekday prices to beat Pa. competition

By Chuck Darrow
Philadelphia Daily News

"I don't know if it's made any kind of difference, but it is an indication of a [destination] that's trying to reposition itself and find a new niche in the South Jersey/Philadelphia market," said Harvey Perkins, executive vice president of Linwood, N.J.-based Spectrum Gaming Group, a casino consultant.

"I view [Atlantic City] as actually going backward . . . kind of like where it was in the 1960s," he said. "Throughout the market, it's back to becoming more summer-dependent and more weekend-dependent."

Put another way, Sundays through Thursdays during the spring, fall and winter are when the town really feels the effects of competition from Pennsylvania. And that explains the rise of discount programs - a significant number of which are only good on weekdays. While Perkins said he understands the strategy, he believes it may prove nearsighted in the long run.

"I'd much rather see [Atlantic City casinos] invest more in capital [e.g., building renovations], but I think this is the path of least resistance," he said, adding that such premiums are probably here for the long haul.

"It should continue," Perkins predicted, "and the winner is the consumer."


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