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Monday, May 15, 2017


Spectrum Gaming Group Releases 2017 White Paper on Online Gaming Policy in United States

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ, June 15, 2017 – In 2002, Spectrum Gaming Group developed a ground-breaking theory to project how land-based gaming and online would eventually converge: The Spectrum Internet Gaming Heuristic Theorem (SIGHT). Fifteen years later, in partnership with Spectrum Gaming Capital, that theorem has been updated and summarized in a White Paper that highlights findings form Spectrum’s ongoing analysis of the gaming industry, including:

  • The entrance of land-based casinos, armed with brands and an array of licenses, is altering the face of Internet gaming, rendering nearly all past and present revenue projections obsolete.
  • Public policy can be best advanced by ensuring that land-based casinos be the primary operators and/or beneficiaries of online gaming.
  • In New Jersey, where Atlantic City casinos can legally operate online gaming sites, as much as 80 percent of the players are new customers who were not previously in casinos’ databases.
  • Online gaming will capture a different demographic than traditional land-based casinos, including a new cohort of younger adults who can be effectively encouraged to visit land-based casinos.
  • Online gaming will, for the most part, not cannibalize land-based spending. Indeed, the evidence indicates that existing land-based customers who also wager online will ultimately increase their land-based spend.

While such findings might seem counter-intuitive, they are supported by actual results and assumptions that led to Spectrum’s original SIGHT thesis:

  •  People are hard-wired to enjoy games of chance and  take reasonable risk, regardless of age.
  •  People are also hard-wired to enjoy social settings and  seek entertainment experiences with other adults.

A 2017 SIGHT summary is available here: [xxx] To requests  the full white paper, contact ezamansky@spectrumgaming.com.

Spectrum Gaming Group is an independent research, analysis and professional services firm serving private- and public-sector clients worldwide. Spectrum serves as the Executive Director for the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) and has performed analyses of land-based and online gaming in 36 US states and territories and in 47 countries on six continents.

Spectrum Gaming Capital is a boutique financial advisory firm focused on the global gaming and resort industries. We arrange strategic partnerships and raise early stage capital for developers, provide mid-market investment banking services and perform complex valuation and litigation support. SGC fills the gap between gaming consultants and balance sheet-based investment banks, providing unbiased strategic guidance and access to long-term investors.


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