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Saturday, September 16, 2017


Spectrum Gaming Group White Paper Analyzes Expansion of Sports Betting, Recommends Policy Goals

LINWOOD, NJ (September 6, 2017) – Irrespective of how the Supreme Court of the United States decides Christie v. National Collegiate Athletic Association, sports betting will expand in the US. The core question is about which side will control the expansion of sports betting: the states (if New Jersey wins) or the sports organizations (if New Jersey loses).

That is one of the conclusions in a white paper released today by Spectrum Gaming Group. The report, authored by experts in specific gaming disciplines, also notes:

  • Public policy can be best advanced by ensuring, to whatever degree is practical and politically possible, that land-based casinos be the primary operators and/or beneficiaries of legal sports wagering.
  • Legal sports betting will help capture a different demographic than the traditional land-based casino customer base, including a new cohort of younger adults who can be effectively encouraged to visit land-based casinos.
  • Legal sports betting will, for the most part, not cannibalize land-based spending. Indeed, the evidence indicates that existing land-based customers who also wager online will ultimately increase their land-based spend.

The report also cites relevant experience from legal sports wagering in Europe, and examines the evolving relationship between sports broadcasting and legal wagering.

The report can be downloaded free at http://spectrumgaming.com/whitepaper/?w=sportsbetting&action=full

The report’s authors are:

  • Kevin Braig, who provides gaming law expertise to Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP’s highly regarded sports law practice group.
  • Michael Clohisy, Director of Sports Business Development for global technology, consulting and communications company Publicis.Sapient.
  • Michael Pollock, Managing Director of Spectrum, who oversees a broad portfolio of services, including policy and impact studies for country, state and local governments, and financial and market studies for private-sector clients.
  • Lee Richardson, founder and CEO of Gaming Economics, an international iGaming consultancy and advisory business, with clients in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Spectrum has performed advisory and consulting work to gaming operators, regulators and legislatures in 36 state and 47 countries on six continents. Spectrum serves as the Executive Director for the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) and its sister companies include Spectrum Gaming Capital, based in New York; and Spectrum Asia, based in Bangkok and Tokyo.

For more information, contact Elaine Zamansky, 609-926-5100 or ezamansky@spectrumgaming.com.


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